DFW.Com REVIEW: Secret Ghost Champion

"Psychosomatic Immortality" by Secret Ghost Champion

“Psychosomatic Immortality” by Secret Ghost Champion


Listen up! 5 cool CDs from hot North Texas acts
By Preston Jones pjones@dfw.com
Posted 11:05am on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Secret Ghost Champion, Psychosomatic Immortality: This Fort Worth quintet bills itself as “psyche-Americana,” which really just gives it free rein to try any genre it feels appropriate. There are touches of rock, blues, country and even a smattering of alt-pop here. A sprawling 15 tracks following up 2008’s self-released debut, Power Mouth, the album has an overall feel of blissful release, with lots of organ; floating, multi-track vocals; and guitar solos bending back upon themselves. The Ben Hance-led outfit doesn’t pretend to have any of the answers, but instead, lets listeners divine their own perspective on Immortality. (secretghostchampion.com)


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