Swindle Boys New Lineup

Words by Michal Elizabeth Smith // Photos by Shanna Leigh 2013

Swindle Boys integrate rock and roll, arena, and new wave sounds to create the most bombastic music. In 2013, brothers Joey and Matt Swindle welcomed additional members, Josh Smith and Chance Cochran, abandoning their former folk duo in pursuit of a fuller sound.

Their highly anticipated limited edition EP, “Motion” is set to release in December 2013. The changes in their recent lineup have allowed the band to produce authentic, bona fide rock and roll music.

Swindle Boys (Fort Worth, TX) // Photo by Shanna Leigh

Swindle Boys (Fort Worth, TX) // Photo by Shanna Leigh

“..A deliberately bombastic, guitar-heavy affair filled with stick-in-your-brain melodies..” –Fort Worth Weekly