WINNER: Nick & Paige | Brass House “Battle of the Bands”

Brass House | “Battle of the Bands”

Hosted by Omarr Awake | Winner: Nick & Paige

Nick & Paige (Austin, Texas)
Coinciding with our unofficial label showcase during this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival, we partnered with Omarr Awake and Brass House in Austin, Texas to host a month long “Battle of the Bands” at the venue. The finalists performed on the eve of our showcase, and after a fantastic night of original music by Rafael Espinoza, David D. Stewart, PW and the Blue Law Band, Peace & Quiet, Los Bad Apples, Bear Funk, Zach Arrington & the Ad Hoc All Stars, The Bare Feat, Hogan Sullivan Music, Ashley Monical, Nick & Paige, and Meganoke Meganoke; a winner was selected by a panel of judges.

As deliberations typically go; making a clear-cut decision proved difficult, but we are happy to announce that Austin’s indie-folk duo, Nick & Paige, is our winner! The duo will be featured on our fourth compilation, cleverly titled, “Volume 4,” which will get into production later this fall.

Thanks to all who participated, and of course, to Omarr for curating such a fine collection of artists, as well as the Brass House for being, well, just plain awesome. Cheers!