W.A. Fite

W.A. Fite - Photo by James Villa Photography 2013

W.A. Fite is pseudonymous for singer-songwriter Dustin Blocker’s retro synth solo project. Best known for his efforts as lead singer in Dallas-Fort Worth’s Roots-Rock outfit Exit 380, Blocker skews his twelve years of stage experience into an altered method; the ambit of synthesized sound-scapes.

The artist’s debut full length Poisoning the Medicine Tree received mixed reviews, as the local media scratched to contemplate the holistic change in genres. W.A. Fite has pushed past the rough-edged debut to complete a more robust second act with his sophomore record Builds.with.Age, due this Spring 2013 on Hand Drawn Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered solely by Blocker in his Dallas, TX home studio Builds.with.Age has manifest a sonic success, as the refined production and songwriting quality sets a new touchstone for the veteran artist. With a minimalist approach taken to each piece of the recording process, the music and vocals breathe so organically that the electronic facade seamlessly melts away.


Poisoning the Medicine Tree – Hand Drawn Records 2011
Builds.with.Age – Hand Drawn Records 2013